SEREN TAUN. A story about people who once have their belief banned.

Watch our short video about this wonderful cultural event of Sundanese People, an annual ritual of their Sunda Wiwitan religion, Seren Taun, essentially a big thanks to PoAchi, their goddess of agriculture.

Although originated locally, and before even Hindu religion came to the region, this religion still not acknowledged as official religion in Indonesia, and for a country with many social functions needing the bureaucracy of state sanctioned official religions office, lot of them have no other option but to abandon their identity to choose one of six official religion, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hindu, Budha or Confucianism, when they need to do serious human need like, marriage. 

The event, Seren Taun, was banned for 16 years in Soeharto's New Order era until the ban was lifted by Gus Dur (Indonesian 4'th president). It was demonized as a pretext for Soeharto's unnecessary fear of agricultural people's political power that he considered might disturbed his power structure.

Activists in Indonesia still fighting to brought up the issue for public awareness, to make the government start to think about marginal communities like Sunda Wiwitan. Indonesia has many religion and faith that is not sanctioned by the state. Many has to abandon their identity and becoming somebody that are not them self.